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Cock and Balls Pleasure
updated on April 04th
Karen's slave has his privates exposed on a stair, and she steps on him each time, flattening his balls while he suffers under those sexy heels, Karen is in full control at any time.
14 pics | 8:24 video
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Jacqueline Likes to Kick Balls
updated on March 06th
The sadistic Jacqueline loves nothing more than crushing and destroying a slave boys cock and balls under her feet. Will she leave his nuts somewhat intact so she may play another day?
13 pics | 8:05 video
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Torturing Balls in Fishnets Dress
updated on February 04th
Hannah has a mission: ballbusting very hard, and she's so into it she forgets there's a man down there in a lot of excruciating pain. Painful ballbusting by a stunningly beautiful woman.
11 pics | 8:05 video
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Kicks vs Balls
updated on January 07th
Jessica force him to stand in front of her with legs wide open, just for her pleasure she kicks him brutal and merciless in the balls. Lots of tease and much more denial in this video.
8 pics | 7:05 video
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Bitchy Ballbuster Babe
updated on December 10th
Lesly loves to humiliate her slaves playing with odd couples in her sessions, so we're in for a treat! She mixes a good old ballbusting torture with some penis humiliation thrown in the mix.
14 pics | 11:44 video
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