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Brutal Balls Torture
updated on October 08th
With the slave lying on the table, Jacqueline reveals a knife and threatens him with permanent castration, teases him verbally threatening to cut his balls clean off and has slave begging for mercy.
14 pics | 8:01 video
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Handling Nuts
updated on September 04th
Lesly wants rupture his testicles with her bare hands. She squeezes his nuts with enough force to render him helpless. He is at her mercy as she squeezes his balls as hard as she can.
13 pics | 8:51 video
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Fucking Cook!
updated on August 07th
Soraya comes to home tired after a hard day's work and her chef has prepared a dinner that isn't to her liking. She gets angry and gives him brutal kicks in the balls from front and backside.
14 pics | 7:23 video
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No Mercy Ballbusting
updated on June 30th
Maria and Lal don't like masks, and they will prove it to this guy. These Tag Team are Ballbusters puree. He begs for mercy many times in this video. Do you think they'll stop the kicking?
14 pics | 9:06 video
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Shattering Fat Man Balls
updated on May 29th
With the man positioned kneeling before her, Jade begins by giving him a barrage of kicks. As the ball pain and pressure build up, he thrash has to make a concerted effort to keep presenting his nuts.
11 pics | 9:15 video
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