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Four Balls for Sadistic Babe
updated on March 06th
Jacqueline walks into her bedroom to play with her two slaves that are lying on her bed. She climbs onto the bed and starts abusing their balls with slaps and painful punches.
16 pics | 6:42 video
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Balls Torture Under High Heeled Boots
updated on February 06th
Maria has a new torture toy, a tray table. She use the balls of her slave like a footstool under her marvelous boots, she crush and torture the balls of the slave without pity for her own pleasure.
14 pics | 9:09 video
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Voyeur Ballbusting
updated on January 09th
While Soraya gets naked to get into the shower and she discovers a voyeur behind the door. She has no choice but to destroy his balls and teach to this nutter how to behave with the girls.
15 pics | 10:21 video
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Helpless Balls
updated on December 05th
Chained to the cross Jade uses him a kick bag. She kicks his balls around. He pleads her to stop but his wishes are ignored, she enjoys it so much she laughs at this fucking loser.
11 pics | 6:32 video
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Crushing Nuts
updated on November 07th
Hannah tortures the slave by his balls and she shows no mercy while he is moaning in pain. She laugh at him while crushing his balls brutal under her feet and boots.
11 pics | 7:28 video
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